Season 1, Episode 13: Bachelorette Party


"What's a little nose-blow between friends?" -Trevor
"My motive when they find your body-parts." -Champ

"You don't want anyone to see you loco your motion, paula your jones, shania your twain." -Trevor

"Back at full nasal power, both barrels breathing and battle-ready." -Trevor
"What are you doing?" -Claire
"Same thing as usual: stringing twenty-five words together when five will do." -Trevor

"Claire always went for the Greek god types." -Joanne

"I'll get through this. Eventually. Y'know, after I spend a couple of months ripping up photographs and throwing his clothes out on the lawn and trashing him on talk shows." -Joanne.

"Trevor said something else too. He said it's a good time to have a best friend." -Joanne

"Someone old, someone new, someone borrowed..." -Trevor
"Someone blue." -Claire


Written by Dahlia Borthwick, Directed by Stephen Cragg

Guest starring Jessica Tuck, Kelly Miller, Scott Atkinson, Karin Anglin, Mindy Hester

Featuring Wendy Carter as Geena, Denise Odom as Heidi, Julie Greenberg as Suzanne