8.28.06 - Emmy pictures! Jeremy Piven accepting his award for his work on Entourage. Jeremy Piven on the red carpet. Jeremy Piven with Adrian Grenier at HBO's after-party.

8.22.06 - People Online: Upward Dog It's a virtual cuddlefest! Entourage star Jeremy Piven meets and greets an eager four-legged fan outside a Malibu grocery store on Monday.

8.9.06 - Per Variety, Jeremy Piven is joining Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper in "The Kingdom," playing a conniving American diplomat in Saudi Arabia.

6.2.06 - People Online: Hug It Out The boys are back in town! Entourage stars (from left) Kevin Dillon, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven make the scene Thursday at the Hollywood premiere of their hit HBO show Entourage on Thursday. The third season bows June 11.

  Jeremy Piven
Lester Cohen/
3.3.06 - E!Online Fashion Police: Rebel with a Cause Even as Jeremy Piven lends his support to Charlize Theron's African Outreach Project, he maintains his signature saucy smirk. We're equally enchanted by the Piv's mixed-message ensemble of jeans, pink shirt, loosened tie, grey sweater and velvet jacket. We've heard rumors that Piven can be a very bad boy--here's hoping they turn out to be true! -->

12.29.05 - TV Guide asked TV's biggest stars to reflect on 2005, and Jeremy Piven said: "Gwyneth Paltrow was introducing a movie at a private screening and I was sitting around people that I was so intimidated by. Like David Bowie. How do you speak to David Bowie? And Gwyneth just kind of looks down at me and mouths the words 'I love your show.' This is while she's standing up in front of a large group of people. It was a very beautiful experience. And then, at the MTV Awards, her husband [Coldplay's Chris Martin] was in the middle of a song and he cupped his microphone so no one could hear and whispered something in my ear: 'You're f---ing brilliant.' It was like one of those moments where you go, 'Wow, wouldn't it be cool if Chris Martin just said that to me?' And it was, like, wait a minute, Chris Martin did just say that to me! It was just absolutely incredible."

12.13.05 - Congratulations to Jeremy Piven who was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for his role in Entourage. The Golden Globe Awards live telecast will air on NBC at 8pm ET on January 16th.

11.30.05 - Jeremy Piven has landed his first name-above-the-title feature, a comedy about a real-estate mogul who, in his bid to develop a pristine forest, finds himself the target of revenge and havoc at the hands of the area's wildlife.

  Common and Piven
Common and Jeremy Piven
by Denise Truscello/
10.5.05 - TV Guide Caught in the Act Pair of jokers: Hip-hop artist Common and Entourage's Jeremy Piven give us their best poker faces at the Las Vegas premiere of Two for the Money. -->

8.21.05 - In an article on TV's Top 10 Scene Stealers in the August 21 issue of TV Guide Jeremy Piven is #1 as Ari Gold, the tightly wound agent on Entourage.

4.8.05 - An untitled CBS comedy pilot about a family of doctors has cast Paula Marshall to join Christopher Gorham, Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler.

9.22.03 - Jeremy Piven will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien the night of Friday, October 3rd.

7.1.03 - On July 11th, MTV will premiere the long-delayed Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Jeremy Piven will be one of the guest voices.

5.13.03 - Jeffrey Sams's new drama, Line of Fire, has been picked up as a mid-season show for next season by ABC.

3.14.03 - ABC has ordered Lines of Duty (Touchstone/DreamWorks), its first scripted series for the 2003-04 season about a group of FBI agents concentrating on organized crime. The pilot was written and directed by Rod Lurie, and signed to star are Leslie Bibb, David Paymer and Jeffrey Sams.

2.7.02 - Ted Casablanca at E!Online reports that Jeremy Piven was spotted chatting on his cell outside the quaint Lulu's Cafe on Beverly Boulevard. J.P. was dressed Tinseltown down in army pants and a jean jacket, and he had heavy scruff on his famous puss. As Jer-hon waited for a table, two totally trendy females maneuvered their way over and engaged the low-key actor in conversation. He did not discourage.

10.29.01 - Jeremy Piven is returning to TV in "Bad News, Mr. Swanson" for FX. The dark comedy is slated to premiere next spring, according to trade sources. Piven will play a man with a bad marriage and a loser job, whose prospects start to look up after he is diagnosed with cancer. The actor will also serve as executive producer on the series. The role of Mr. Swanson had originally been given to Frank Whaley ("Swimming with Sharks" ), but the cable network decided to recast the role and shoot a new pilot. Production on the series is set to begin in January, with director Dean Parisot ("Galaxy Quest" ) filming the new pilot.

10.23.00 - Rumor has it the Bravo cable network will be reairing all the original episodes of "Cupid."

3.20.00 - Jeremy Piven will be starring in a CBS comedy pilot titled "It's About This Guy." According to Variety, Piven has signed on to play the title character, a playwright and professor whose life is turned upside-down when an old high school crush suddenly comes back into his life.

7.29.99 - Jeffrey D. Sams has been cast in Kevin Williamson's new ABC show, "Wasteland."

4.9.99 - Jeremy Piven has been cast in CBS's new drama "Partners." There will be a TKTV site up soon with more info.

3.15.99 - "Cupid" creator Rob Thomas gets a mention in an article about TV development deals on page 83 of of the March 19th issue of "Entertainment Weekly."

3.7.99 - XPose Magazine #32 has a two-page interview with "Cupid" producer Scott Winant.

3.2.99 - Wanda at E! Online reports that there is no possiblity that "Cupid" will come back on the air.

3.1.99 - Chris Blake writes about the cancellation of "Cupid" and "Brimstone."

2.27.99 - Article on "Change of Heart" and "Cupid."

2.24.99 - "Cupid" creator Rob Thomas will be executive producing the new show by David E. Kelley, "Snoops," as part of a new four-year deal with 20th Century Fox worth $8 million.

2.21.99 - Joe Flanigan (Alex) will be guest starring on "Providence" this Friday.

2.21.99 - Paula Marshall has joined the cast of David E. Kelley's new fall drama on ABC title "Snoops."

2.11.99 - GIST Communications on the effort to save "Cupid."

2.9.99 - Cupid Voting Booth where you can vote for your favorite characters.

2.2.99 - TV That Doesn't Suck, When Good TV Gets Canned.

2.2.99 - Mr. Showbiz: ABC Drop Kicks Cupid

2.2.99 - E! Online comments on internet fans lamenting the loss of "Cupid."

1.28.99 - Cupid gets cut, ABC stops production

1.28.99 - Alphabet loses heart in 'Cupid,' ends production. Audience didn't fall for ABC's "labor of love." From "Variety."

1.28.99 - "Roses and a Message for ABC: Don't Play Stupid with 'Cupid'" by NY Post writer Michele Greppi.

1.28.99 - "Time slots doomed hip, sex 'Cupid'" by Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Sun Times.

1.27.99 - The final word from ABC on the cancellation: "Cupid has been a labor of love for everyone at ABC from the very start. The writing was phenomenal, the production was first rate, and the tremendous talent of its stars, Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall, really gave the show life. Unfortunately, despite everyone's efforts, the audience just didn't respond. As of today [Jan. 26], production has been suspended, but the show is scheduled to air on Jan. 28 and Feb. 11." Find out how you can help revive the show.

1.26.99 - Rumors are flying that "Cupid" has been cancelled, and an ABC representative laughed and said it was untrue.

1.26.99 - Transcript of a recent chat with Jeremy Piven on Ultimate TV.

Cupid has moved! As of January 7th, Cupid is on Thursdays at 9pm.